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Let's Get Together Again by unknownimouz15
Hope and Vanille: Pixel Love by Zaziki7
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FF13: Hope + Vanille by Altana FF13: Hope + Vanille :iconaltana:Altana 417 43 This is the way it is by VisuaruKei This is the way it is :iconvisuarukei:VisuaruKei 18 2 FFXIII: It'll Be Alright by KAZUHOLIC FFXIII: It'll Be Alright :iconkazuholic:KAZUHOLIC 17 2 Hope x Vanille by QuidxProxQuo Hope x Vanille :iconquidxproxquo:QuidxProxQuo 93 12 Hope and Vanille by girlUnknown Hope and Vanille :icongirlunknown:girlUnknown 694 43 Please, don't go.. by SayuriTheDreamer Please, don't go.. :iconsayurithedreamer:SayuriTheDreamer 4 2 VxH Misery by Maiden-Crystal VxH Misery :iconmaiden-crystal:Maiden-Crystal 25 0 Hope and Vanille Version - Christmas Holiday by Kohaya7Koizu Hope and Vanille Version - Christmas Holiday :iconkohaya7koizu:Kohaya7Koizu 26 22 Hope + Vanille by o0Hikari0o Hope + Vanille :icono0hikari0o:o0Hikari0o 94 35 FF13 - CHUUUUU by hues-of-hazel FF13 - CHUUUUU :iconhues-of-hazel:hues-of-hazel 39 17 Grab My Boomerang. by IHopeEstheim Grab My Boomerang. :iconihopeestheim:IHopeEstheim 9 5 Vanille x Hope: Keep smiling by LadyYukirin Vanille x Hope: Keep smiling :iconladyyukirin:LadyYukirin 127 30 Vanille and Hope by Leska Vanille and Hope :iconleska:Leska 8 5 VxH Love Embrace by Maiden-Crystal VxH Love Embrace :iconmaiden-crystal:Maiden-Crystal 23 1 Promise Me by XxshadowfirexX Promise Me :iconxxshadowfirexx:XxshadowfirexX 27 6 Hope and Vanille by XxshadowfirexX Hope and Vanille :iconxxshadowfirexx:XxshadowfirexX 95 17
"My dad said you should never break a promise, no matter how small. He had also said that even if you’ve forgotten a promise, the other person will remember it."
- Hope Estheim

Hey guys! First of all, I just want to say WELCOME TO THE VANILLE/HOPE GROUP! I know it's a little too late for any greetings on that haha, but I want to greet a lot of people nonetheless. x ) Thank you joining this group! It's really small for now, but I'll make sure the world knows how great this pairing can be if they just give it a chance!

I know you might feel down on how tiny of a fanbase this pairing has since it's always being overshadowed by HopeLight and Fanille, but worry not! I'm here to strengthen your love for Vanille/Hope!

I have created a playlist for these two which includes ALL the Vanille/Hope scenes with the specific time where it'll show. If you have seen my kiss plz Vanille x Hope Kiss PLZ by HeartlessKairi, now you'll get to actually see which scenes did I get all the in-game quotes from! Playlist also includes most if not all Vanille/Hope AMVs in alphabetical order. : ))

*EDIT: I have also created a Vanille/Hope blog on tumblr as well! : )

Vanille x Hope playlist:…
Vanille x Hope tumblr:

Feast your eyes on that playlist! : D There are some extra in-game scenes in there that is not Vanille/Hope but you can just ignore that. XD I've worked really hard putting that playlist together, so I hope it'll be put into good use!

*EDIT: I figured I should make the blog as well since f* is a little inactive and not to mention limited to only fanart/cosplay. This blog includes Quotes, Fanart, Edits, gifs, Fanfics, and Videos/AMVs. : ) Any fanart will be linked directly to the original, so no worries on that. But of course, if you have a problem with me posting your fanart on the blog, note me! Hope you like it! I'll be posting edited screenshots on there.

I swear to you, I WILL try my best to make Vanille/Hope known. I've decorated the group page (along with this journal) so it'll be eye-catching to people. Some people never gave them a chance so I'm using that to my advantage to get them hooked. Hopefully I'm doing a good job on that.

Be sure to spread the news about this group! I'd love to know more people who loves Vanille/Hope. : D Once we get a sufficient amount of people, then this group can officially start a contest.

So spread the Vanille x Hope love! :iconheartzplz:

Vanille x Hope Stamp by HeartlessKairi :iconvanillexhope-fc:

More Journal Entries


"This is... I don't think I can―" - Hope Estheim
"You CAN do it!" - Vanille

Welcome to the Vanille x Hope FC!

These two have parted ways, but they will meet again in another lifetime to fulfill the promise they made to each other.

Welcome to the Vanille x Hope FC! : )

This group is for members who ship Oerba Dia Vanille and Hope Estheim together from Final Fantasy XIII; ones who could not resist all the words of comfort they exchanged, Hope's daring attitude to grab her hand whether for comfort or to comfort, and Vanille's embraces of reassurance. As we watch and remember the memories that were shared between a woman from a faraway past who has been crystallized for a 1000 years and a boy who grew up to be a man that risked everything to travel hundreds of years into the future to help her awaken from her slumber, we know that someday, they will cross paths once more and make their promise to see Gran Pulse and Cocoon together come true. ❤

:bulletgreen: Respect the pairing. I will not tolerate any bashing.
:bulletgreen: Be nice. No fights.
:bulletgreen: No explicit language.
:bulletgreen: Have fun! Spread the word! Note me any suggestions. I'm all ears. : )

:bulletorange: The works MUST revolve around the TWO of them.
:bulletorange: Please submit your work into the correct folder.
:bulletorange: Doodles are fine, just make sure it's not too light or messy.
:bulletorange: Stolen work will not be tolerated.


"You think… you think it's really possible…?" - Oerba dia Vanille
"Sure. Anything is." - Hope Estheim





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Snowflower--Chan00 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014   Writer
I really hate Hope's character but I love him with Vanille! :squee: ................................... Are there any stories about these two on here?
saaiksr Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
hey, i have a quick question: the quote "I miss Vanille's smile" was that actually in the game, or is it just fan wishing?
HeartlessKairi Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
It's in the game, FF XIII-2 somewhere along Hope's quest of finding graviton cores. The full sentence was "I miss Fang's strength and Vanille's smile."
saaiksr Featured By Owner May 24, 2013
omg, i followed the link the the playlist on youtube, and watched the scene!! a;aljfd;ldakjf;lajsdf;jfd!!!!!!! If Hope and Vanille don't have an effing emotional reunion by the end of LR and Hope doesn't say something about being happy to see her smile again i will be sooo disappointed!!
kunikeisaki Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Student Artist
i love this pairing :"> <3
Zaziki7 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for wanting my little pixel work! :D
HeartlessKairi Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
No problem~! c: It was really cute!! <333
Zaziki7 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why thank you again, I'm flattered! :aww:
Kishex-Nevarx Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ASDFGHJKL THIS GROUP. Finally! A really good HopeVanille group! All I see are LightHope and Fanille and stuff like that! ARGH! :la:
HeartlessKairi Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Ahaha. XD Well, we're still trying to spread this group. ;v;
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